can I?

I see stuff like this, and some part of me says "put it on the credit card, put it on the credit card…"

YOUCH!! :laugh:


Can? Maybe.
May? Probably not.
Should? No.

Save up and get a real vintage Moog if you want to have some fun. :O

Oh, I know you are right, phoo, I haven’t bought any software synths in years, but it just seems to tempting at first… then it goes away…

Oh my… the catalogs come in the mail… The email “deals” hit the Inbox… at every turn there is temptation… I SERIOUSLY have to stop for a second… and ask myself;

“Do you use what you already have to it’s fullest capabilities?” Err… no…
“Would buying this new ‘thing’ enable you to use what you already have AND it as well?” Err… no…



That’s pretty much it, UJ.