Can n-track play back 16 midi channels at once

Can n-track playback 16 midi channels at once USING ONLY 1 VST.

I am looking into buying the MOTU symphonic instrument, and like other vst instruments of this type, they allow you to have 16 “tracks” each with a different midi channel. The secret is then being able to play those (and playing them LIVE would be even better, as MOTU has made this possible within the vst). The key point here is that I really only want to use 1 instance of Motu Symphonic Instrument, not 16 of them. Is this possible in n-track? if not, is it possible in ANY sequencing package?

Thanks in advance,

Mike Felker

Yup, it is possible. Whether or not your machine can handle the load of 16 tracks of a VSTi like MOTU’s is another story. But I routinely use SampleTank in the way you describe. Ain’t nothin to it.

That’s great. Yes, my machine is fully capable of running many many tracks with vst effects and synths, so that is a non-issue. Care to share how it is done so I can play “out of the box” when it gets here?

Thanks again.

It’s simple: just set the “output to” for each MIDI track to the VSTi instrument.