Can n-Track sgw. files with AU effects?

Sgw. files transport that retains effect

I own n-track for Windows, iPad and iPhone, and maybe Mac and Android someday.
It's great that I can send packed song files (sgw) from one format to another with automation and n-track effects intact. Great. BUT is it possible to render a song file so that all the others effects are burned into the tracks so when I transport them to a format that doesn't have those effects the tracks will sound like the did originally?
My example is the iPad n-track now has Fabfilter AU effects, but they're not available on iPhone. So is there a way to Save the various tracks with various Fabfilter effects and have them sound the same when the tracks appear on my iPhone?
Thanks in advance for whoever's answer.

I only use the PC version, but if you are starting with PC version: set up the tracks with the effects you want and Mixdown the track. Then you can import or open the altered thanks in what ever version you wish to use.
Hope this helps,

Thanks bax3 for your reply! I'll mess around with it and see what I come up with.