Can´t hear any sound from my VST plugins

Tryin to play midi but no luck

I´m a little embarrassed asking this question but here it goes:

I have downloaded two soft synths - Sampletank 2 and Sonik Synth 2 (both freeware vst-plugins) but can´t get a sound out of them.
I´m playing on my midi keyboard and I can see the notes beeing played allright on the screen but no sound at all.
I´ve tried all different things but no luck so far.

I have also downloaded IMPULSE (vst-plugin) and that one works ok.

Do any of you know where I can find a tutorial regarding vst soft synths???
Or are some of you able to give me some help?

I would really appreciate it.

Kind regards Henrik ???

(Audigy platinum, XP PRO)

I simply forgot to load the samples that came with these plugins :p

So sorry for the interruption :D

Kind regards Henrik (I like speaking to myself :p )

Is that your picture in your avatar? Has anyone told you that you look like Tom Arnold? eyes shift back and forth I mean, not that you do or anything… uh…