Can’t select more than one take?

I am using Ntrack on ipados14. I have a track with several separated regions. I notice there is no way to combine these regions. This is an issue because when i bounce the track as a stem, it will only bounce the first region. So how can i select/highlight multiple regions/takes on a single track?

Bonus question: why do individual tracks bounce as stereo even we they were recorded as mono??


Hello Matthew,
you can select more parts by using the selection tool. You can activate it in the toolbar:

Just tap and drag you finger on the screen to draw the selection region.
If you have a keyboard, Cmd+A will select ALL the parts in your song.

About the bouncing: that’s the current default behaviour for the iOS version. We might consider to change it so that it follows the track format. I will look into it.

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Thank you! Yes please look in to that. In my opinion It only makes sense to bounce a mono recorded stem as mono audio track.