Can u draw eq evolution in parts of one track?

Hi guys: Is this possible in the same way as u can draw volume evolution along one track?. I mean sometimes I want to slightly alter bass, treble or mid in some points of a track in order to smooth the overall sound flow (specially with vocals or organ sounds) without having to cut and paste this little spots to a new track and setting new eq.

IF you use a plugin EQ supporting automation, yes you can automate the parameters with envelopes. I don’t know of a way to automate the built-in EQ though. Perhaps you can with Mixer automation but that seems unintuitive.

You could insert the n-Track Parametric EQ on a track and then click the down arrow next to the little “ramp” looking icon on the toolbar. At the bottom of the menu you will see “Other parameters” or something similar. Click that and the resulting dialog is fairly self explanatory.


EDIT: I see in another thread you are using V3.2. That version may not have the options listed above!