Can we draw effects envelopes?

If so, how?

-I should look in the tutorals but sometimes you guys are so helpfull.
I use the volume and pan evelopes, I thought there was a way to assign an effect, say echo, to one of those perameter lines. I tried last night, but could not see how. Is it possible to draw an effects envelope in N-Track? If so, any pointers?

PicNGrin, there is a way to draw effects envelopes in n-Track, but only for effects assigned to the Aux groups. (Frankly, I wouldn’t have any use for it otherwise - at least regarding echo)

To the right of the Track Volume Button in the menu (the black, wedge-shaped one) is a handle to a pull-down menu - Aux Send and Aux Return (The latter envelope is shown over track 1) are the ones you need.

I used it on my latest mix for giving a track a lot of reverb on a fadeout - It’s a cool feature.

BTW - there is a facility in n-Track to support VST automation - i.e. regulating parameters in a plug-in, but I have not yet used it.

regards, Nils

what kind of envelopes are you wanting, I guess would be the question. Do you just want delay on the end of a line and gone elsewhere, or to alter specific parameters? If you just essentially want effect amount control, then using the busses is the way to go. If you want parameter control, then, well, look at the question about wahwah plugins. I have a post there (originally by Varekeef) on how to do it. Oh, if the effect has dry/wet mix control on it, then you could always automate that to get the effect amount control. I just thought of that. I never have done it, but I’m sure it’d work.


Edit* in case you are lazy, here is that quote by varakeef again:

"Awlrite wah maniacs, thank you all first of all.

This is how to do it:
1. you - or actually I - go where you draw volume, aux sends etc envelopes and choose effects parameters.
2. you choose the wah effect you’ve inserted into a guitar track
3. you choose freq to be a parameter to be automated
4. you draw envelopes to get that chicka wooka effect, slow swells etc.
5. you go to master channel section and press the little triangle to get the automated frequency swingin to be heard. (master cahnnel fader movement)

Voilà. You also see the fader moving… "

Thanks, I fiddeled a little last night and I am getting somewhere ----thanks to your tips.
Mostly I just wanted to go from little or no effect to more effect only on a section, possibly the end, of a track.
(the amount of effect, not the parameters of effect.)
I have not yet utilized aux channels or features, it appears that I need to get familier with aux functions to become more proficient.

what do you mean by “more” of an effect? what kind of effect? and what maker? is it something we’d know (like a classic series plug or an ntrack plug or something)? You should be able to make “more” of it by controling a parameter of it. Maybe not, depending on the plug and its controls. But almost all I can think of should be able to be controled by a parameter settting. I actually don’t know if there are volume draws for aux sends, so that is one reason why I ask.


Thanks guys, now I need some time to experiment.
By “more”. I mean no echo, then I sing one word, maybe at the end a phrase, and that ONE word echoes. (without having the entire vocal track echo.)
Right now, all I know how to do is assign an N-track effect to an entire track, once I set perameters, those perameters apply to the ENTIRE track -start to finish.
Another Example:
I sing a single vocal track, but say I want more reverb on the chorus -I dont know how to do that.
But the above tips give me some clues, let me try again, if I get stuck I’ll re-post.
Thanks again!

On reverb especially, you should be able to control the wet parameter, and turn it up and down. The same with delay if it has it. That is a bit trickier, depending on the delay settings. Of course, you can always double the track and create a delay with no dry signal, and turn it up just when you need it. That is what a lot of live guys do when they want that. Anways, give it all another try and let us know how it works.


Quote (savingedmund @ Feb. 02 2005,15:24)
I actually don't know if there are volume draws for aux sends, so that is one reason why I ask.

There definitely is a volume draw in auxes. Right under draw volume button - there's also where you draw effect parameter changes.

On reverb especially, you should be able to control the wet parameter, and turn it up and down. The same with delay if it has it.

If you want to add for example echo or reverb in one part of the song on one track it's most efficient to put the effect in aux channel and draw aux send envelope to that particular aux channel send.

You may have up to 32 aux channels. It's plenty.

And this way you are able to control the wetness of the effect, you make the effect as wet as possible and then control the amount of the effect thru drawing aux send volumes.

I don’t know if it is “most effecient” definetly “just as efficient”. I just really don’t like using aux busses personally. Just an opinion. What I like about controling the perameters is that you could compress the reverb, etc. and still have more on the chorus. You can do that on the auxes as well, but you have to change your aux send settings if you are going to use it as an effects bus. Unless you want one clean channel that has all your effects, and one channel that is just the dry singal with the reverb.