Can you remove a BPM change you've added?

I was editing some MIDI the other day and had added some BPM changes. I noticed there was apparently no way to remove the BPM change. You can’t reselect the marker really either. You can zoom way in and right click on it to create a NEW BPM change that will hopefully override the first, but you can’t modify or delete the original. Kinda’ cumbersome. :)

Last night I found after I recorded 3 simultaneous tracks having played along with a MIDI track that on playback it got way out of sync. I rerecorded using 44.1 and 48 to see if that had anything to do with it (I was outputting to EZ Drummer and thought maybe the sample rate was being effected). Unfortunately I had no luck. I realized some of my BPM changes seemed to be in the wrong spot but I don’t remember moving them or creating them there. Unfortunately my friends PC crashed while futzing with the Line 6 X3 Live driver I was trying to use and currently I may have to reformat to get out of a cyclical BSOD reboot phase. Apparently n-Track and Line6 drivers do NOT get along. Especially with VSTi’s in the mix.

Also, is there a shortcut to select all the MIDI events? Control-X cuts, Control-C copies, Control-V pastes, but Control-A does not select all the events.

toolbar - view tempo - make changes with draw tool or type changes in data box -

lassoo notes with mouse - no control A in kbd shortcuts -

when you are happy with the drums in EZ drummer, render them to a wave file, then remove EZ and replace it with that file -

look at this RE sync problems with MIDI and audio in same song -

Dr J


I can’t have a look at N right now 'cos I’m using the Linux box, but (certainly in 3.3) you can edit the MIDI events list directly. I have edited midi files like that before. I had some which I downloaded and they had patch and tempo information at the very beginning that were over riding what I’d set up, so I had to “hand edit” them by opening the events list and deleting them there.



Had a look at 3.3, the settings are stored in
>View >Tempo
Just select the ones you want and hit delete.
Note that the changes only come into effect after the dialogue box is closed.


sweet thanks!

I know I can render down the files but if I want to mix each drum as I usually do I have to sit through about 10 mixdowns before I have wav’s of the tracks to work with. I could do the mixing with them already and mix to a stereo wave, but by that time I’ve got sync problems again.

Plus, it’d be REALLY handy if n-Track could mix down each “output” in a VSTi separately with the hit of one button instead of muting all drum except the one I want, render, mute that, unmute the next, render…etc

FYI that article while informative is almost 8 years old… Quite a long time with PC’s mind you…

the info may be dated but it still happens in many DAWs today -

and yes N can mixdown individual outputs from a VSTi if the VSTi has multi outs -

first select all all outputs on your soundcard with hammer on output VU meter -

direct outputs from VSTi to outputs on soundcard -

on mixdown panel select “stereo wave file for each output” - so if you have 8 outs this will give you 4 stereo wave files - you may have to split wave files if VSTi has multi mono outs - but thats no sweat to do -

PS - ASIO will always give stereo pairs MONO is not an option -

Dr J

I’ll have to double check how the output on my VSTi’s can work. EZ Drummer will open up 8 stereo tracks when I choose multiple outputs on it. If I can then direct each of these 8 tracks to their own output I may be in luck. My Layla24/96 can do 16 channels so I should be able to do this all at once.

However, I would really like the ability to mix down the VSTi without being tied to my Layla. Sometimes I’m at my bandmates place and using either his internal cheapy card or my new Line6 X3Live (which doesn’t play well with n-Track so far) and I therefore only have 1 stereo output. So I can’t mix down to separate tracks that way. Even if this was more like a batch job function where I said mixdown track 1 to stereo and add to timeline, then mixdown track 2 to stereo and add to timeline, and so forth in a serial fashion so it still may take 20 minutes to render the tracks but I wouldn’t have to do it individually each time.

it may be worth while looking at your bandmates “crappy” internal soundcard closer, some PC/Laptops have the creative soundblaster chip onboard - the PC/laptop may only have 1 physical line out socket, but it should actually have 4 stereo outs, if so, on selecting them all N will mixdown to 4 stereo channels, so as in my case i can mixdown to 4 stereo tracks that are exactly the same as on my Audigy NX2 -

Dr J


Plus, it'd be REALLY handy if n-Track could mix down each "output" in a VSTi separately with the hit of one button instead of muting all drum except the one I want, render, mute that, unmute the next, render...etc

It CAN. I just tested this with EZdrummer. Load your VSTi and n should add as many outputs as it has available. Make sure the VSTi is setup for multi-out and you have everything mapped the way you want i.e. snare on 1, kick on 2, or whatever. Get your MIDI track that's feeding the VSTi setup/recorded just the way you want. Make sure Instrument channels are visible in the mixer. See the one that has your VSTi in the FX slot? Click the title bar for that mixer strip and a Properties dialog will open. See the snowflake? Click it! n will render each VSTi channel to whatever specs you have set in Prefs for freeze files. They should be in the same directory as the rest of your project files. If they are not... you'll have to search them out. Open n's wave file browser window. Locate the files, in my case eight of them and drag them one at a time into the time-line. Done. You probably will want to rename them something other than Blah-blah-Freeze.wav but there they are...

This is kind of kludgy but it does work. If Flavio would add a right-click option to where you could right-click the instrument channel and choose "Freeze and Import files" or something and have n do this automatically, it would be great. Another DAW I use which I won't name... does this as elegantly as I have seen it done. Right click and choose "Apply FX as new take" BAM! Done...

If there is a better way to do this in n-Track, somebody please share it! I tried this one thing just to see if it would work. There may be slicker ways to do it! I am not THE authority on n-Track by any means...


not a bad idea. I’ll have to look into using the freezes.

I tried a few other tricks here g69… alas it appears the work around I posted above is your best bet. Render them and then drag 'em in.


Quote: (Diogenes @ Nov. 02 2007, 5:36 PM)

I tried a few other tricks here g69... alas it appears the work around I posted above is your best bet. Render them and then drag 'em in.


I meant to say FREEZE them and drag them in... oy...


ok. freezing just made 1 stereo file for me. however, if I set each drum track to output to a different stereo pair using my 16 channels on my Echo Layla I can render down 8 stereo tracks each with the correct drum on it. I then import these files and hurray!