Can you save my song? :)

Playback trouble…

Hey guys – I’m issuing an S.O.S. here. :)

I recently recorded a song and, at 1 minute/12 seconds into the song, it just STOPS. Furthermore, when I try to mix it down, it only mixes it to this point as well. If I reposition the cursor at about 1:20, it will start playing again. What can I do to iron out this kink? Anybody know? I do not want to record this song again, as a lot of work has gone into it. I have been using this program for a long time and I have never had this problem. HELP! :)



It sounds like the wav files are ok if it plays past the point that it stops. You could try importing the wavs into a new song. Doesn’t really tell you why it’s happening but might get you going again.


I forgot… if all your tracks don’t start at the same place you may have to note down the offsets or they will be out of sync.