not sure about this

I’m not sure about this songs. I like it but I dont know if if fits with the other songs of my future album…

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· CandyStore


I had to do it,
to help you go
We could fight for both,
we’re not brave, every knows
we had not thought
the meaning of that goodbye

Have we done it right?
not even look in the eyes
Have we done it right?
not even the last smile

we didn’t realize
how the time flies
we play our part
we changed of disguise
It was the last dance
we kept being shy

We have done badly wrong
failed to see what we lost
Have we done badly wrong
failed to take care of our love

we share a few words
a talk about nothin’
I didnt know what you liked
You didnt know what I wanted
we didn’t need it
If we never met again

thats place was called sadness
we were the first to leave
it only remained our madness
we hurried to leave

we didn’t share the same bed
we didn’t walk the same street
were the most infamous lovers
we didn’t sweat the same sheets
at least we looked at each other
and we share the same seats

by your side i felt protected
blooming flowers in the vase
without you i feel dejected
no more water in the vase

**** CHOrus ****
Love, was a pleasure to meet you
now, what are we gonna do?
Love, was a shame to leave you
What was I suppossed to do?
Love, me without you,
now, what are we gonna do?

Love, I’ll close my eyes and I’ll never wake up
I need to look at you close up