Cant get newer version of ntrack to work,

Ive been running ntrack fine until i rescently upgraded to 6.8 , and now everytime i try to run the program it basically freezes up and says that ntrack is not responding. while this is happening i notice my puter usage jumps from about 50 percent to 100 percent. any ideas? I am using a HP notebook with windows 7, 4 gig of RAM, Processor is T6600 2.2 GHz.

The only thing I can come up with is that you may have had something go wrong during the instillation that is causing the computer to not work correctly. I would suggest. delete the download you have, download again and try reinstalling the N_track.
Let us know if that works>

You know, I was running version 5.(something), and I recently upgraded to 6.08. The newer version did not install that great.
In fact my DX plugs were not showing and when I dragged them into the effects windows, they could not be used (some vst plugs were ok).
I moved my fx folder temporarily and reinstalled.
The second worked ok… but not perfectly.
I reinstalled one more time with the result that all was well… it all worked great.
I did have to reinstall some of the plugins though, but probably because I had moved them around…
The point being… try reinstalling - and maybe even re-reinstalling. Hopefully it will work flawlessly for you.

I had an hp notebook (which I returned) - so I guess you know that
hp has a LOT of bloatware that you have to get rid of.
I mean did you try turning all the stuff off? The wireless inet and
all the other junk? Like how many processes are running?

Hear hear 7. Turn it all off. email, screen saver…

When you say bloatware , could you please give me examples. And I am goig to try these suggestions and I will check back in. Thanks for all the input.

OK, I shut most processes down, and have uninstalled and reinstalled the program several times. And the same thing happens When I attempt to import an audio file the program still freezes up on me. Any suggestions?

Do you run n-T on another machine?

I got to say - I’ve had N on several different system configs (none of them
W7) and I have never had it freeze. (like when loading a wav file).
It would choke occasionally on a plugin that it didn’t like. But that was
usually because the plugin itself was flaky.

You said it was working until you upgraded to 6.8 What was your previous
version? And does that still work?

These may be things you have tried, but on the off chance that there is some suggestion here y0u have not tried . . .
Did you download again? If you downloaded a corrupted file just reinstalling will not fix things.
Does N-track freeze with any music file you try to load? It might be a corrupt sound file(s). Do they play in another programs?
Also, try opening a sound file as a new project, if you are trying to load Projects you were working on, there could be a problem opening an effect or some other mis-directed information that changed.
If you have tried all that, then I would suggest you send a report to Flavio with your specs and other info about the problem. If he can reproduce the problem he will fix it.
I have Windows 7 setting in its box right by my desk. I hear it is a great “Improvement” but I will load a dual boot when I get around to spending the hours it takes to change operating systems.

Good News, thanks for the advice. It turns out that everytime I tried using an earlier version on the upgrade it caused it to freeze up. Im no pro so it beats me. Im back in business . thanks again.

Something you might try (it should not be necessary, but who knows with a new operating system and there was problem like this in the distant past):
N_track save the mixing information to a .sng file - sort of a template that saaves all the non-distructive changes you make when editing.
When N_track is used on a sound file, it creates a .npk file for each wav file. Try deleting the old npk file and see if the old sng file will then load correctly.
Deleting the old npk file will not harm anything, N_track will create a new one when it loads the wav file.
Check it out and let us know -