cant get punch in recording to work

Hey all;

I’ve been doing some recording and I cant get the Punch in recording feature to work (I had it working the other day, but with some effort, and I cant figure out how I did it). Im using v4, and I think Im doing everything right - I highlight an area, click the lock to selected area button, and hit the punch in button. It starts recording, but not from the right spot, and stops before it gets to the region I selected. Then it starts again. There are now several punch in wav files, but they are all empty and I get an error message telling me so.

Can anyone help?


you have to type in the start and finish times for the punch in area in the data boxs provided, then use one of the icons next to them to decide what type of punch in you require -

Dr J

Thanks DJ

I’ve been doing that, but it’s still hit and miss. I actually got the punch in to work this afternoon (I don’t think I did anything different than before), which was cool cause I was laying down solos, but when I was finished nTrack crashed while it was loading the wav files in, so now they wont be in sync…