cant hear effects through the mic

effects problem

i want to be able to hear the effects in real time through the mic is ther anyway to do this. i seached the help topics and found nothing. thanks aj

Do you intend to use the live feature of N?
Try search in help for Live Input processing

i looked under Live Input processing section, i uderstand the directions but still cant get it to work

Quick guide:
1) View Record and playback VU
2) Make sure that rec VU is moving when you use the mic. Otherwise you have to set correctly your sound board.
3) Add blank audio track
4) Press the rec button and select the input of your mic
5) Press the live button at menu
6) Look at playback VU. Need to be moving (a little time after the rec).
7) Insert the effects at the track that you´re using

Hope it helps