cant hear myself play

I recently downloaded the latest version of n-track and am completely new to using n-track. i use the output of my line6 spider II amp and run it to a monster link cable into my microphone input slot. i have the live button clicked and it is lit up, and i am registering on the recording vu meters and have live playback enabled. I am not registering at all on the playback vu meter and i cannot hear myself playing at all no matter how high i turn up the volume on my computer speakers, guitar, or amp. I can record stuff but i cannot hear hear it until i play it back after im done recording. Does anyone know how to fix this? Your help is greatly appreciated

There should be a setting on your soundcard to enable you to monitor the input. Or route the input to the output channel.
What soundcard are you using?

[edit] When I say “on your soundcard” I mean you will need to go to the soundcard control panel, not a setting within n-Track [/edit]

First, re-route your Montsta cable to the line input. This won’t solve your current issue but will help with audio quality later.

Try going to N-tracks settings, preferences, audio devices, and under the “playback” section, choose a driver that belongs to your soundcard. Since I am using version 3.3 your path to pick the driver might be different.

This may be the solution to your problem, if you haven’t chosen the right driver yet.

Hey I had this same problem for a bit.Double click on that little thing that looks like a speaker in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. That’s where the volume control is. By default it should automatically open the playback controls, but make sure you’re not in recording. Then turn up the one that says “microphone.” Then you can hear yourself.

Actually you need to right click the speaker icon to open the volume control to make sure you have not muted the source.

Yeah you can do that too, any way to get to the volume control. But my problem was that the playback mic volume was just turned all the way down, not muted.