cant hear what im recording!

i havent been here for years …sorry ive been using reaper!
so today when i try to use my old ntrack i cant remember how to get the monitor working so i can hear myself record
i can see the guitar moving the recording meter but cant hear it

before i stopped using ntrack i upgraded to the new ntrack 7 but never used it much …so i think thats why i cant work it out

thanks ever so much for any help! :)

sorry forgot to say ive got an old song i recorded in ntrack playing back fine & what im trying to record is recording & i can hear it on playback …but i cant hear myself recording it! :)

Hi, T. It’s the Big Red Button :slight_smile:

Have you got n setup for “audio”? Set the track to record? Set the track to “monitor live input”? And don’t forget The Big Red Button.

hiya tony!!
dyou know i nearly left you a message… i knew youd still be here…are you doing FAWM this year?
ive got a belly button & a little red button on the track… which one do i press? :D
ive done evrything you said …audio is set up as far as i know
& its recording but i still cant hear what im playing :(

The problem is usually associated with the audio interface. I use an interface that allows live monitoring from the interface. If you want to use the output directly from the ntrack program try the “live” button. It will allow you to hear the out put After going thur the effects. Can cause lag, but give it a try. However, monitoring from an audio interface is best.

What’s your setup, Tina?

Yep - I’ll be giving FAWM a go. You?

sorry ive been to busy to think about this …weve just decorated our lounge & now the floors all got to be dug up bcos the gas pipe is all rusty its a nightmare!
thanks for the advice bax i have fiddled about with the interface thingy but i dont realy know what im doing… it works ok for reaper so dont undrstand why it wont for ntrack? & the red button just doesnt do anything!
the guys at reaper have told me how to get the whole song from ntrack into reaper & work on it there so thats what ill probly do but its a shame i cant use ntrack anymore as it was what i started with & its nice to go back to it sometimes :(

tony my setup is a focusrite saphire which is so simple to use i love it but i had to get someone set it up for me
yes im doing FAWM so i will look out for you there :)


Have you activated a track to record on?
With the existing track open in the track window, does the track,play in NTrack?
What steps are you taking to record to new tracks?

STOP!!! You might end up with track alignment problems and I would go there unless you’ve made copies of all the WAVs beforehand. I use the same interface. It absolutely will work with n-T. It’s got to be a simple setting. Try restoring n-T to it’s default settings.

Settings > Preferences > Restore Defaults.

thank you both ever so much for the advice but ive now got FAWM starting & havent got time to mess around trying to get ntrack working so im going to use reaper till march & then come back to this then
i did quickly try the restore defaults but it asked for my reg code & i dont know where that is at the mo :)