Cant install, BIG PROB

When I try to install, it gets to this point and stops.

Any idea’s ??


Can someone tell me how to post an image and I will post the error?

You have to upload it on the web someplace. I use Once that’s done, just post a link here to your picture. Like this

OR click the Image button and paste the link in the dialog, name the link in the next dialog and BINGO!

What does the message say? Did you install .Net runtime V2.0? You may need to update the Windows installer. Search around the forum here. (Search button top of page.) This has cropped up before and the info is in the forum here somewhere.



PS You can also paste the link to your pic into a dialog that appears when clicking the “Image button”. The image is embedded in the post. Like below…

Ok, try this…

Yes I did install NET 2.0 beta…

I would download the install file again, but make sure you clear your internet cache so you dont get the same corrupt file when downloading.

Do this by going to the tools -> internet options in Internet Explorer and clicking the delete files in the temporary internet files section.

hope this helps.