cant open playcenter with aud platinum

whenever i click on the icon to open the program, it doesn't- it just sits there
also can't
open creative recorder.
Things done so far:
1. Attempted to re-install software but couldn't (see note below)
2. Downloaded:
3. Upgraded to Playcenter 3.02.52
4. Attempted to open from start menu and from icon in program files > creative

(thinking maybe the desktop shortcut file was corrupted)
5. Checked device mgr for hardware conflicts
6. OS
win xp
could not un-install software using add/remove programs on control panel.

I attempted, I would get error msg:
“an installation support file could not be installed.
the system cannot find the file specified”

Any help would be appreciated.
Anyone know of a 3rd party software that would uninstall it?
Thanks in adv

Hi fivestring:

Have you attempted to install the original version of your utilities over the installed ones that don’t open?
It’s not a good idea but sometimes that works.
Have you tried a system restore?
Could you have a corrupt registry?
I use at times a registry Cleaner…
It’s an old version… But it’s easy to use…
Registry Cleaner v4.3
That version is not posted there anymore… BUT there is a free one on that page…

Just go into the registry and locate the stuff you want to remove and it’s gone…
You gotta be sure what you want ta take out…

If it’s anything I hate… it’s…

Playing In The Registry…


Sorry. Free to try…