Cant Wait

rock out man

This song has given me fits to mix! I fear lots of you won’t like the song, it’s really distorted and heavy, not very nice or pretty.
My buds Chris and Bill on bass and drums, I finally got it to where I think it should be.

So comments are welcome from anyone who can stand to hear it
( or if you can’t stand to hear it you can post that too! Like this s***ks!)

If you can stand to hear it I would like to know what you think of the song by itself,or comments and help on the mix. (or not)

This was the compressor I used, free and goes right into your VST folder on ntrack.
I like that it left lots of peaks and valleys, not a total flatline compression. I’m not into the loudness wars, really! OK well, give it a spin, but be prepared for some distorted angst.

(PS The lyrics aren’t me. I’m quite happy actually

Like the song - lyric and melody - song is fine. Just at first listen there are too many things competing for the few layers of soundwaves. Definition - or not - it’s all subjective these days anyways…

This doesn’t Suck!

I can’t make out the lyrics on lo-fi, but I definitely like the groove.

i like this groove as well.
I found myself needing more vocal presence in the mix. i don’t at all mind the heaviness of the guitar, though.

That is a way cool tune.
I love the lyrics. It’s just ME at the moment…I’ve found a tune I can completely relate to!

Just turn up the vox, but that is all.
:agree: :agree: :agree:

More vocals!

I can dance to it (even tho I can’t dance), I give it a :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree:

Thanks for the advice again, I got it, more vocals, …
haven’t I had this mix problem before? Rats! OK if at first you don’t succeed, Maybe by next week I will post a new mix.

thanks a million, I needed another ear,