CanTrack rewire

ntrack as a re-wire client?

Can N act as a re-wire client -
say in FL Studio or some other host?

NO, N can only be a Re-Wire host, IE, N is the master - instead of adding Ns content to FL you would have to add FLs content to N

Dr J

Any chance of that changing?
That would be icing!

if you are conversant with MIDI programing you can use MIDI YOKE as a way of passing MIDI information between programs without using re-wire, so a MIDI track in N could play a soft synth in FL or vice versa - passing audio between programs is not so easy -

you will have to ask Flavio to make N a re-wire client -

Dr J

Well that would be like asking God for a raise.

But I was thinking (and this kind of ties into
adding effects thread) you could Re-Wire a couple of
tracks from N to a host and you could physically
map to a mixer (say FL)and do strange and wonderful things.

NO he’s not GOD ive had many a thing improved and added to N, sonetimes you do have to ask twice -

Re-Wire Reprise -

the Transport controls on the HOST (master) ONLY control the transport controls on the CLIENT (slave) -

on opening a host you will be asked how many audio channels you want to set up between it and the client this is NORMALLY 2 (a stereo pair) -

the only part the host controls in the client is the transport controls, the transport controls in the client do not affect the transport controls in the host (or should not) -
this means that the client can still be used as a seperate program to set up whatever you want it to do - when you are happy with what it does, you now move to the host, arm the tracks that the client uses for sending audio between the two and then record the clients audio directly into the host(N track)-

it is far easier and les inclined to crash your PC to use FL on its own, mixdown what you have done to a wave file and then import that file in to N - its only when you cant mixdown FL to a wavefile that you nead to use ReWire -

Due to lack of CPU HORSEPOWER i would run FL on one PC and N on atother - take the audio out fron the soundcard on the FL PC into the input of the soundcard on the ntrack PC - one computer could be a laptop if you have a spare one lying around -

Dr J