Case of the disappearing presets

Anyone else having this problem???

Ok, this has happened to me numerous times using several different builds of v5:

I’m currently running build 2313 on WinXP Pro SP2 (32-bit)

Here’s the scenario:

After mixing SONG1 I save my effect presets as one normally would (eg bass-eq, snare-reverb etc) and they appear in the drop-down menu just fine after closing/reopening the effect yada yada etc. I then save SONG1, open SONG2 and start applying my presets. Usually this works beautifully, however every now and then while applying my presets to SONG2, SONG3 etc N will crash for no apparent reason (i know some of you will find that hard to believe :-P). Anyways, I re-open N-Track and load the song as to resume where I left off (or where I last saved) but alas my presets are now missing!! That is, they no longer appear in the drop-down menu’s. The default presets still do appear however. The preset files ARE still in the program direcetory (eg bass-eq0.dxp) but they just will not show up in the effect menu no matter how many time I close the software, reopen, rescan for plugins or reboot windows.

By the way this is only really a problem for Direct-X plugins, not VST plugins that generally have “SAVE AS” and “OPEN” buttons in which you can just load the preset from wherever you saved it to.

So anyhoo, after much mucking, fiddling and cursing I finally attempt to start saving the presets again from SONG1.
Only problem is now after all this has happened I cannot save presets at all (that is they don’t show up in the list even immediatley after saving). Deleting the all .dxp files from the program directory seems to fix this however, allowing one to start saving their presets from scratch.

So really this leads me to ask 3 questions:

1) Has anyone had this trouble and found a fix/workaround?

2) How does N or the N plugin keep track of its saved presets? Is there a registry key or database somewhere that holds this info? Because clearly it is not as simple as it checking the program directory for .dxp files and loading them accordingly, else I wouldn’t be having this problem.


3) Why the heck isn’t there “SAVE AS” and “OPEN” buttons in Direct-X effects such as “N-Track Compressor”? Surely more than one person has wanted a simple way to backup/restore their presets in case they want to shift to another PC, remove/reinstall N or whatever.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance