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The Daily Adventures of Mixerman

Thx Pops, that’s interesting!
Right out of the shoot he makes this profound statement:

"relatively unknown other than within the record industry, which, for the most part, is currently filled with bitter losers of the biggest bidding war in the history of the music business."

It’s sweet to be an indie and not one of those bands!

this is great! ----> “the band is overlooking the fact that in the next three years, the producer will probably record in the neighborhood of twelve albums, while the band is God knows where, playing the same fifteen songs every night, wondering why they would ever write such trash.”

Was hoping for a little more productive storyline, think you lost me for now. :laugh:

I read a little more last night and think they are all pretty much a bunch of losers, including Mixerman and the producer. The producer never shows up.
I was anxious to read about a discipline band recording and interacting with the producer, label, engineer etc. Really didn’t want to read about a dysfunctional garage band type group, that’s to bad.
About mixer man.
He basically took advantage of the producer by renting more equipment than he should.
He should just rent what he needs when he needs it, not let stuff sit around while on rental time, that’s crazy.
Not only that but he threw everyone under the bus for the sake of hits on his page or to sell a book?
Oh well that’s his gig.
:laugh: But the original story line (theme) has potential.

Reality doesn’t always make a good ‘story’ does it. His book is incredibly funny though.

Click here and scroll down to his Radio Show Theme Song. Wild mix of styles and tones. Don’t stop it when you hear something arabic :slight_smile: it gets awesome.

I’ve started reading it, and I think it is very interesting.
I’ve been reading other
books and things from the engineer perspective and a lot of the things Mixerman talks
about are common themes.
Another interesting read is “Here, There, and Everywhere: My Life Recording the Music of The Beatles”, by Geoff Emerick, and Howard Massey.
Like the Mixerman stuff, very revealing to how much of the sound of some of the top
recordings have been influenced by the engineers, not to mention all the ubber-ego
star stories.
Geoff Emerick started working for EMI at the age of 15, as an assistant,
and went on to engineer a bunch of famous albums including Beatles SPLHCB.

Hi Poppa Willis:

I began following that thread way back when…
seems to me n-Track was in v 2.0
I think…
Do you think it’s for real ?
OR, is it something like an on-going “Soap”…
I mean there was some funny stuff going on…
He (Mixerman) was complaining about the beds…
The bass player and the drummer was unable to play a beat together…
He had to re-cut-and-edit the bass track from start-to-finish cause the bass and kick didn’t play together… I think they fired the bass player or the drummer…
or both…
You don’t have to worry about that anymore… It’s all on samples and triggers and all…
I think they ran outta money at one time, as well…
They couldn’t buy any weed or pizza or something…


No pizza, no recording.

:laugh: Thx pop's, thx Bill!
That behind the scenes idea does make good reading however with dedicated and serious musicians and all.
I mean how could a label sign a band in that condition.
It's probably fiction like Bill says.
Some of it was pretty funny some intresting and most sadly kind of like baby sitting a drunk if ya catch my drift. lol

Not for real, but based on reality. I remember it too, Bill. Great stuff, some of the best ever on recording and music and whatnot.

Quote: (pingcat @ Sep. 19 2009, 7:36 PM)

No pizza, no recording.

Ii KkNnOoWw..

Over here, a Dutch Mason Project was something to follow..
The guys would drop in just to see how much garbage built up around the studio from day-to-day..
Some of the GooD Stuff came in by the case..
and there was always empty bread bags laying around.. along with pizza boxes and hamburger wrappers.. and all..

I never knew what came in to the studio in bread bags..
Then I found out..
The stuff that stuck to the bread bags looked like summer savory..
or something..