CD burning software

any open source or freeware?

Well, after upgrading to Win XP, the Roxio CD Creator software I had is no longer supported. I have to buy a new program or purchase an upgrade to keep using it. That kind of sours me on Roxio, frankly. Or are we supposed to expect software to die after 4 years?

Anyway, I’m looking for new CD software. Yes, I know I can burn CDs from n-Track, but I also want to be able to make exact copies and data CDs and other stuff.

Is there any open source project for this? Or should I just get a copy of Nero and move on?


Hi Jeff. I believe that in the audiominds pinned topic about freeware there exist a nice list, i have tryed from them the DeepBurner, Burn4free (is now adware) and CDBurner XP. They appear good ones. If they dont have all the options you want, possibly Nero will. Also, many of the “live cd`s” of linux include some very interesting tools for burn cd/Dvds.

XP burns data quite nicely all on it’s own. As well, MediaPlayer 10 is awesome for burning music CD’s.

I guess it all depends on how fancy you want to be with burning stuff … you can’t fade tracks in and out etc with Win XP for instance.

Ran into the same situation and tried a couple of open source CD programs which just didn’t work with my CD Burner. I ended up moving my CD Burner back to an older computer running Win 98SE so I could continue to use Nero 4.

dbPoweramp cd writer… FREE

I also tried the deepburner, and it work good for me, try it for yourself at

You find OEM copies of Nero for less than $10 US all of the time at software outlet places. They are legit, just OEM.

Dave T2

another vote for DeepBurner. I had an issue with Nero and Sonic fighting each other and making coasters using my Sony DVD burner. DeepBurner solved the problem. Later I realized the issue and dumped Sonic. Now Nero works fine also.


I’ve been using CDBurnerXPPro and it’s been working great. Absolutely no issues.


After struggling with Sonic RecordNow! for awhile (it came on the PC) I ditched it. Popped 30 bucks for Nero 6 Ultra and haven’t looked back. No coasters. Burns CD’s and DVD’s just great. Not free but excellent software IMO.


XPPro seems to work fine for audio projects, but unfortuantely doesn’t have a “disk image copy” option, or the ability to copy verbatim from one drive to another. I’ve used that option in the past to save a lot of time, like when I had to make 5 copies each of 60 CDs for my wife (related to her business). The CDs were submitted by different companies and there were several variations in format. I have to admit that Roxio handled it quite well.


XP has a “compatability mode.” Have you tried to run Roxio in compat mode? Just right-click on the Roxio icon and then under Properties. Then select which version of Windows that you had been successfully running prior to Win XP. Then Windows XP should then act like W98SE; W95; etc.

So far, it has allowed me to run all of my older software except Corel Word Perfect Suite 7.0 which simply won’t run in XP.


Don :D

Hi Jeff:
Don Gaynor linked me to this stuff… I know he has forgotten… But I just downloaded it today and installed the reg. Codes. I haven’t used it yet… But it installed just fine… on my XP Desk… I don’t forsee any issues with this application…



The Roxio installer won’t even run. Remember, it’s an early version – 5, and they’re up to 7 now.

Thanks, Bill, another one to try out! Don’t know how many I’ll try; when I get something that meets my needs I’ll probably stop looking.