CD tracks Volume Level

Songs with different volume level to CD

Hey guys, I have some songs already mix down, and I need to have the same volume level for all of them, so what should I have to do to make it work?

The songs were recorded in different times.

That is what is commonly part of the mastering process. Search for mastering on here as there have been like 10 threads in the past month on this.

Most CD burning softwares will have level and gap options, also fadein and fadeout.
It’s just too much work to try to do it in most recording softwares, if that was what you meant.

First, if you can hear a difference in the levels, that is what you want to deal with.
I do not believe that meters are a reliable indicater of preceived sound, but the new metering system that uses RMS (now included in N-Track) is better than Peak metering to put you in the ball park.
N-Track is a good prgram to use for balancing the sound level.
Open all the songs from your album on different tracks and then move from one to the other while you listen/monitor the sound.
You can use the faders to adjust.
Mixdown each song/track when you are through. N-Track will let you mixdown a sengle track or a choice of tracks and time.

If you have some money to spend, a program I use is CD Architech from Sony (Sound Forge)
It allows you to put all the songs on the screen, lined up as the album and adjust to your heart’s content.
It is sold seperately, or as a part of the Sound Forge program.
Sound Forge is a great stereo file editer and can be used for mastering. The two programs allow you to move back and forth between the them or have several versions of the same song.
In addition, Sound Forge has some really fine plug-ins, particularly, if you get versions 8 or 9.
In version 8 includes Noise Reduction plugin and CD Architech and in version 9 they added a version of Ozone, a great mastering tool.

thank you guys, this is something that I beeing dreaming and I will keep going forward. little by little…

Let us hear some of your music when you get happy with it. Post a link.