CDA files


Hi all,
I burned some wav files to cd and tried to transfer them over to my other pc and they are listed as cda files. How do I get them back to wav files?

Search for CD rippers. There’s a TON of them all over the place.

A CDA file is really just a pointer - they were created as a copy protection format, the actual sound file, a wav file has to be “ripped” from the Cd.

Hi guitarist321:
If you are still on the search for one… Look for a ripper called “Audio grabber”… I believe it is now free… This one works like a charm…


I usually just import in n-track.

That works great…
I think you have to do a “Save As”…
Is that correct…??


n will import and convert to wav. Name it and save it.

thanks for your replies, but
I really did not want to use rippers…
I’ll try to import and save.
Is there an easier way to do multiple file conversions as I have a few thousand wav clips from my old computer already on CD that I want to transfer to my new one. Anyway to do it again & write them to cd as a wav file?

any other thoughts on a faster way other than doing it one by one?

LameFE - is an open source, simplified, version of CDEX that allows for batch conversions.

For future reference, when burning CDs of .wav files for archival or transfer purposes, burn the CDs as Data instead of Audio and you won’t need to rip them.

Ahh…that’s the ticket? Making them data CD’s?
Muuuuchhh better.