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4 or 5 tracks at once

I have been using my old 4 track for a mixer. I want to buy a alesis multimix 16 USB for recording and live. I was wondering if you can set up N-Track for 4 or 5 live recorded tracks at once. Obviously I can only get 2 tracks at once right now. I have been recording my drums with the bass drum on left mono and the balance of the kit on right mono. I want to mic each tom and a cymbals mic. I would like to know if anyone else has done this and how hard is it to set up. I am going into the soundcard via stereo RCA to the line in on a Soundmax Digital Audio 16 bit soundcard. I know firewire is faster but I did not want to set a port into my computer unless it was REALLY needed. P.S. I have 2.0 USB and have read up on zero latency. Thanks in advance, Terry

Check that Alesis out carefully. I believe the USB output carries the stereo mix from the board and returns the output from your DAW software. I don’t think it provides multi-input capabilities such as kick mic on track one, snare track two, tom1 track three etc… Check the specs BEFORE you plop down your cash!

TG – could be wrong? Any Alesis Multi-mix users 'round here?

EDIT: From Alesis website…


USB 1.1 Stereo input/Output for PC and Mac.


EDIT 2: Check out the Multi-mix FIREWIRE…

Record every individual channel plus the MAIN outputs. Up to 18 simultaneous channels (with the MultiMix FireWire 16)

I just want to confirm what gtr4him said! Yes, it has multi inputs, BUT, it is only stereo on its output. So you wont have more than one stereo track recorded regardless of how many inputs you have going. This is for the USB version.

Thanks guys for the 411 on the Alesis. Is the software capable if I find a mixer that has the ouput capabilities?. Terry

Yes, n-track can record many tracks simultaneously. I record 32 tracks in my setup. It might be preferable to use multi input audio interfaces such as MOTU and an analog mixer with direct outs rather than searching for a mixer with multiple digital outputs. That’s the route most of the forum members have gone anyway.