Change the “Q” of an eq point?

How can I adjust the “Q” or “curve” size of an eq adjustment with n-track’s eq on ipados?

I noticed certain presets have the “Q” with different curve sizes than the way it is when you first open it.

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Hi Matthew,

the iOS version of n-Track doesn’t currently allow changing an EQ band’s Q or band type (i.e. band-pass, shelving, low or high pass). We have already the feature almost ready for an update that should be released towards the end of October (the update after the one that will be likely come out this week).



Good to know. Thank you!

Yes!!! Thank you Flavio for the extra control we will have on the EQ. I already love the updates that are coming in the 9.2 beta that I’m lucky enough to be testing.
I guess my only concern and worry is that n-Track Pro will become less able to operate smoothly without crashing because it has so many features and so much code in its programming. Many DAWS on iOS are prone to crashes when overloaded with various app inputs and lots of tracks ( Auria Pro, Beatmaker3, Cubasis 3, even NanoStudio 2.)
n-Track works smoothly with many tracks and effects now. I hope it will get even better.

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