Changing a Fade-In

How do you change the length of a fade-in OR remove it entirely?

Ver 3.1


Go to the pointer.
Select the section of the wave with the fade in.
Right click and select remove nodes.

if you want it to be easier to adjust the fade after the fact, make it manually, add a node where you want to start, then add a node where you want to end. otherwise, the automatic fade buttons create LOTS of nodes.

Thanks for the info but I am using an earlier version of the program and can’t see anything related to “removing nodes”… Yes I need to upgrade to a later version but that will have to wait until I have the horsepower to run it…

Thanks Again!

I’m pretty sure that later v3 can do it. it might be labeled flatten envelope, v4 has remove node as well. I haven’t used 3.1 so I don’t know for sure.

in v4 you turn on envelopes (click on the triangle next to the cross next to the arrow)
right click on a track
it’s at the top of the list.

If it’s there in v3, you need to make sure you are in envelope drawing mode. that’s probably pretty obvious though huh :)

good luck.

Yep, that did it… I had not selected “Draw Volume Envelopes” to display the fade… V3.1 has both “Remove Nodes” AND “Flatten Envelope”.

Thanks a bunch!