Changing ASIO driver

Without the sound card present

I use a Presonus Firepod with ASIO drivers at home to record. I just bought a M-Audio Transit with ASIO drivers to listen and play with the mix at work. I last used the M-Audio Transit when I shut down the computer and now at home I can’t open ntrack because it is looking for the ASIO drivers conected to the M-Audio. I figured I would open it and there would be an error and I would go in and change the driver to the Presonus Driver.

Any ideas how I can change the driver if ntrack won’t open?

I am using the latest ntrack version in the 5 series. I think 5.1.1 or something.

It gives the error quering asio driver 3 times then goes to 'runtime error"



Never had that happen - usually Ntrack is polite enough to ask if you want it to look for the driver. Are you using one of the Beta builds?

SOunds like a familiar problem I used to have with tascam - can you unplug it and have your OS re install the driver?

No beta, I am using the last 5.x download. It says “runtime error, this application has asked the runtime to terminate in an unusual way”.