Changing Folder Location for Mixdown track


I’m new to n-Track Studio 9.
I noticed that when I Mixdown a song, it defaults to ‘Music\n-Track Studio\Unsaved new song\Exported Audio’. I change the folder to where I want to Mixdown *.wav file to be and complete the Mixdown.
But when I go to Mixdown again, it defaults back to ‘Music\n-Track Studio\Unsaved new song\Exported Audio’, not where I changed it to on the previous Mixdown.
This annoying as I have to change the folder location every time I Mixdown a song. Also I don’t want my recordings under ‘Music’, as I keep that for music I listen to for relaxation, not my recordings.

Is there a way to stop n-Track 9 from defaulting to ‘Music\n-Track Studio\Unsaved new song\Exported Audio’ and use the folder I used last time I did a Mixdown?



n-Track defaults to ‘Unsaved new song’ because you haven’t yet saved the project. If you save the song to say C:\Work\MySong, then when you select the Mixdown command the default folder will be C:\Work\MySong\Exported Audio.
There isn’t currently a setting to change the default save location for mixdowns.


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