Changing to Mono reboots my computer

Changing to Mono reboots my computer

Sigh…the latest version is driving me nuts. I am in the middle of a recording project and every time I change the recording from stereo to mono I get blue screen of death and my computer rebbots, been dealing with this all night…it was working fine with the older version I was using. I’ve changed no settings on my soundcard etcx…what’s the deal?

Can’t repro it here. Sorry…

Are you talking about switching to mono in the Master Mixer channel or switching to “Stereo>Two mono wave files” when clicking the settings (hammer) in the recording Vu meter?

D – 4.1.6 Beta Build 2051

Which device type are you using? Getting the blue screen points to it potentially being a driver problem. Some driver just won’t work in other modes, but they will happily let you put them in one of those modes.

What’s your OS, Soundcard, and diver version, and what devices are selected in the preferences?

Since it was working in the older version I suggest resetting you preferences to see if that helps. Resetting the preferences may fix a slightly corrupted config file. That can happen sometimes when doing an upgrade.

Thanks guys, I ended up having to switch from WDM to MME drivers on my SOundblaster Live! card (Win XP) It was working before with the other drivers though :frowning: I am hitting the hammmer on the recording meter and switching to mono. This new version does some strange things. Sometimes it shuts down and the program exits for no reason, sometimes when i am choosing an effect it chooses them as I scroll through the list even if I don’t click onn one etc… just much buggier than the old version was for me :frowning:

Which build are you using? There was this very problem, or one very similar, in one of the earlier beta builds. I think it got fixed, but it may have regressed, or maybe this is a new bug that’s very similar to the other one.