Changing USB-ports messes up N-Track

Won’t open some songs!

I just upgraded to 24-bit v.4 of N-Track (Build 1694) and the E-Mu 1820 digital audio system.

I’ve noticed some annoying behaviour with regards to mouse and USB support.

After the abovementioned upgrade, N-Track would not open files with software instuments, rather, it would crash. I suspected that this had something to do with the instruments themselves, as I’ve had similar problems when relocating soundbanks for some softdrums.

However, the Windows control panel was also crashing. A search on the net concerning the file eventx.dll (that windows was reporting as the problematic module) led me to suspect that the fact that I attached the mouse and joystick to to the same USB-port (via a hub) when I installed the new soundcard was causing problems. I’ve also read reports that some USB-keyboards are having similar troubles when connecting them to different ports in Windows XP.

I removed Logitech MouseWare and the drivers and software for the Saitek joystick. The control panel seemed to be working fine. When I also removed the HID(?) mouse drivers for the joystick, N-track woulld not start at all, but after a reboot things got better. Now it also opens those song with software drum machines and such!

Anyways, correcting this problem was a mostly matter of sheer luck, as one would hardly not suspect a joystick conflicting with a multitrack program. I think people should be informed about it.

My computer is an Athlon XP2400+ running WindowsXP Home with SP1.

Bye now.