where do find?

someone knows if there’s a chat for n-track or home recording with pc?
thank you

Don’t Know.

There’s one at AudioMinds, but there’s rarely anyone there. Had some good conversations with some of the people there, though.


…Actually the link is still there, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore.

In any case, if you’ve got any kind of question, there are lots of helpful people on these forums!

thank you jason
it’s alway useful to find a new site for home recording :slight_smile:
I go to read this site

It’s a GREAT site. Lots of GREAT tutorials and information!

I’ve never seen anyone in the Audiominds chatroom.
Well, someone called Mr Charlie tried to sell me a poor quality used computer once, and someone called Mac tried hitting on me, but that was it.
But this site here is good for chat about n-track, as long as you don’t need an instant response.

yes, maybe you’re right but…
remember that I will stress you very oft in the next days :-)))