Cheap mic

MF stupid deal 7/12/07

Saw that the stupid deal of the day is the MXL v63m LD condensor, for 50 bucks, which is pretty good. :)

Pretty good gag.

Hey Tom, I started up the conversation again about the Hurdy-Gurdy thing with my friend… a lot of events have gone by, and we’ve been in midst of major home renovations (repairs from a bunch of Bad Roof Monkeys), and it went by the wayside for a long while. Anyway, it’s back in the discussion, so I’ll keep you posted if you think you might want to re-kindle an interest.

The guy’s bringing his Hurdy-Gurdy Mondo Show Thing to Montreal for a couple weeks, and then it’ll be back home, parked in a studio for a couple months. Enought ime to do a bunch of recordings and do something with 'em. It could happen…