Cheap midi-controller?

I love 'em knobs and sliders

Do you know a cheap-ish but good midi controller with few knobs and perhaps even sliders? Please let me know…

I’ve been looking at getting a keyboard controller and have been looking at the Behringer UMX49 and would welcome any comments.

Don’t know if this is cheap enough for you. A lot of people slag off Behringer but I’ve been very happy with my mixer and mic


It looks interesting, it’s even "Packed with superlatives!"

And it’s got a USB audio interface too.

For the price, it has to be good value, less than the cheapest straight midi keyboard I’ve seen.


Edirol PCR M 80.

The keyboard feels and plays as good a real Roland, and it has 8 sliders, 8 pots, an XY joystick, and a bunch of buttons, two sockets for pedals (one switched and one full range expression) all programmable.

And if there isn’t enough space on your desk for a 5 octave keyboard, they make shorter versions too.

The thing I love about it most is the feel of the keyboard, I’ve tried others in the same price range but nothing else comes close.


Are you talking about a keyboard controller for playing organ/piano stuff (which is what most of the replies have been about so far) or a controller for faders/pan/eq/transport etc.

I second Gizmo’s recommendation for the Edirol PCR M80. First, it’s a very high quality “synth” - style keyboard, and the MIDI control options are flexible. Standar MIDI or USB connection, too.

I was thinking about just a box w/knobs and sliders. But since I just sold my old Casio WK-1200 (mainly because my wife thinks it’s too big and ugly for our house, and I got bored fighting over it), I might consider buying the whole package keys included. Thanks for all the suggestions, I’ll check them out!