Cheap plug

Got some goodies for sale on eBay. Just a cheap plug as the title says. A few preamps and a few pickups, a cymbal…

Link to my stuff.

So where are the cheap plugs? ???


Geez bubba, you got some great stuff there, I’m bidding on some now. But, really, you could have said so here!

I’d go the joe meek, but whats the chances of it running off an AU powersupply? Or what sort of adapter does it need?

Will you post the pickups to AU for me?

I never know how to price things, so I figure I might as well throw it on eBay and let the market fight it out. I have a bunch more stuff going up in the next few days. I’ll post here first so you guys can have dibs. I have two guitars (pics of one here), some car stereo stuff (an amp, pair of 6x9s), a few power tools I bought to paint the house and will never use again, some more pickups… Can you tell I am cleaning out the basement and really really really want one of those new 8 channel Mackie Onyx ADAT interfaces? I worked at music stores for 6 years when I was younger and just collected tons of odds, ends, and won stuff. Kristi won’t let me sell the Dunlop 535Q wah which I have used maybe twice… she thinks she might use it some day. The Mackie I will use now.

Quote (Willy @ May 15 2006,01:07)
I'd go the joe meek, but whats the chances of it running off an AU powersupply? Or what sort of adapter does it need?

Will you post the pickups to AU for me?

I don't know what the Meek needs. Let me look when I get home tonight. I am almost certain it need 9vDC, but let me double check.

Thanks Bubba. I’ve placed a couple of bids, we’ll see how it goes.

Phoo, I saw you hit that Lace Sensor Blue. Is that a rare pickup or something? I was expecting $10 max on the thing.

No, it’s not rare. It’s more of a specialty thing. Some folks love them and others don’t like them for some reason. I recorded a factory Strat that came with them and loved them…the blue ones, just like yours. They were dead silent noise-wise, which was great for a single coil strat, and sounded nice and bluesy. I have a Jackson that is missing the neck pickup. It should just drop right in, or be very close. Retail is around $70-$90 - street price $50-$60 for that model. If I get outbid take the money and run. :)

Cool. I always liked the pickup myself as I found you could get a good Hendrix out of it in the neck position with the gain cranked. Just like my description, quiet and syrupy.

That’s a good description. It’s very much like the old “real” strat neck position pickups from long ago. The gain of the pickup itself isn’t very high when compared to newer higher output pickups, which I guess is why some folks don’t like them. The other odd thing is that they don’t have any magnetic pull to speak of. That’s good in that they won’t drag down the strings when up close to them, but a guitar player that can feel that little tug on the strings might think they feel funny. That’s one of those golden ears kinds of things. “How can they work without a strong magnet? …must not be any good then…”

Not to take Bubba’s capitalistic venture off topic here… but a friend of mine has a Deluxe Strat with the new “American Noiseless” pickups in it. Those babies rock IMO. Dead quiet and fabulous tone. You guys heard them yet?


Yup. I find them to be similar to the Lace in many ways. Wasn’t it the American Deluxe that had the Lace prior to them having their own noiseless pickups?

It probably was Bubba. That may be the model we were recording with. It was one of the first Fenders with the lace pickups.

I think you are right Bubba. This guys Strat is a MIM “Deluxe Players Strat” though. A real nice axe for chump change IMO. Plus, I love those pickups.


The rumor is that Lace and Fendor had a falling out over something and so Fender made their own Lace pickups just different enough to keep away from pantent issues. I think it was 1999 or 2000 when all that went down. Too much time spent in music retail… :O

Though thinking about it… I think the American Standards had Lace Sensors and the American Standard Deluxe had the Red, Gold, and Blue mix.

EDIT: Found it… The American Strat Plus had three gold Lace and the Am Str Deluxe had red, silver, blue.

Lots of guitar snobs detest all kinds of noiseless pickups, the concensus being they rob your axe of every kind of mojo you could ever dream up, and then some.
I don’t care much for strats anyway so I don’t see the problem :) The only strat sound I ever really liked was neck pup alone.

Lindy Fralin seems pretty hot these days, though…

You ol’ Gretsch wielding tone snob you… I oughta… :D

D – if has strings on it and can be plucked, strummed or hammered… I LIKE IT!

Quote (Diogenes @ May 17 2006,17:41)
You ol' Gretsch wielding tone snob you... I oughta... :D

Heh - I like humbuckers, most of all minis & filters. Wouldn't mind a decent Tele, though.
Strats just don't talk to me and I also find they're too common & therefore boring. They're everywhere!
Gimme those oddball guitars. I have a 29 fret Washburn heavy metal plank too :laugh: