Cheap Ribbon Mics


the folks over at Tape Op are setting up a group buy direct from the chinese factory of the Nady ribbon mics. The fiend sells these for 280 US, PPA sells them for even less, but direct from the factory they are 70 US each if bought in lots of 100. They almost have 100 for the buy, here’s the link:


Now’s your chance to get a ribbon really, really cheaply.

Looks like you have to be amember to see the thread you’re refering to. Have you heard one of these? For some reason, the name Nady just brings up bad thoughts for me. I’ve never even held a Nady in my hand though.

So, have you heard one? What make you think this won’t be a $70 slap jack?

Blessings, Terry

Hi TomS:
Did I miss it? I went over there for a link to some information on that mic… I didn’t see anything on it… It appears as thought a lot of guys are interested… in a pair of those mics…


Look around a bit Bill, there is another thread relating to the mics, this was just the “sign up” thread.

Still4, I don’t think you need to be a member, but you ought ot be one in any case. :)

Hi TomS:
I will… I haven’t been over there for quite some time. I used to be around there lurking, and all… a few years ago… I did a “Track-this-Topic” over there and my mail box got some “hits” so to speak. The tracking function over there works for me… However the “Track-this-Topic” here, on this Board doesn’t Work… I’d like to know why. Ever sense the Board went Down, It just don’t work… :( ??? :(

I’ve done the whole nine yards… I’ve checked my browser security level, and all… :( ???


Here’s the original thread:


Hi TomS:
Thanks for that Board link. I think that would be one HOT Ribbon mic. The output signal level of it is just great. The lower the figure the higher the mic output voltage… That, along with SPL spec gives that mic quite an “Edge” over some Ribbon Mics. Along with the fact that the pattern is a Figure Eight…


Update: the price per mic is going to be around 115 US dollars after shipping and all is figure in. Still worth it, seems to me. That’s one darn cheap ribbon. :)

Here’s the review for the first iteration of the mic (NADY). The one they are purchasing as a group is identical, but unbranded. The mic is normally between 2 and 3 times the cost, but the purchasing power of the group is lowering the cost of ownership.There are well over 300 mics on order as of now.

Ribbon Mic.

There’s a group buy on Chinese ribbon mics over here, too:

(I have no other info, I just fell across the link)

Well, they seem to like it. If it is in the same league as a 77, it is really something special for 200 odd dollars. :)

Yeah, I’m probably going to pick up a couple. I don’t own any ribbon mics currenly, so this will be a good addition to the locker.