CHECK IT OUT!!! A Cool new way to record Guitar

Axetrak for Recording guitar and bass

I just bought myself an axetrak for my home studio and it sounds awesome. Its a small isolation cabinet half the size of a milk crate. I didnt believe the clips on the website were real so i checked it out for myself. I plugged it in and IT SOUNDED GREAT. I couldnt find one in any music stores so i bought it off their website. I can record warm clean tones as well as thick distorted tones no problem. I usually record with my marshall JCM 900 and SM57… With Axetrak my rhythms are tight and my leads are even Sweeter. There are a bunch of sound clips on their website if you want to check it out…

Has anybody else tried it? what do u think about the sound?


And you work for…?

It’s an iso cabinet with a dynamic mic in it. So if I plug my tinny little solid state practice amp into it I will sound like Hendrix?

Seriously, it might be useful for lots of folks, esp. those too busy to build their own, but the copy, including yours, overhypes it.


So you’ve heard it, Tom? How does it compare to sims like Johnson J-Station, Line6 Pod, and software sims like Amplitube and Guitar Rig, if you’ve also tried out any of those?

Seems to me that they’re getting closer to tube emulation but not quite there yet, and they’re even further from good cabinet emulation, because (at least in the cab sims I’ve heard) the sims are static rather than dynamic with respect to volume – kinda close but no cigar. Dunno what the cost is, but I’d expect it to be an improvement on these sims, assuming you already have your ideal amp, and don’t need the flexibility of the sims.

This is not an amp sim, but a box with a speaker and a dynamic mic in it. I’ve not heard it - a few months ago I built an iso box with an sm57 in it, does the same thing, it’s an old idea, although a good one. It will sound as good as the mic and speaker and acoustics they put in it will allow, and as good as the amp and guitar and player plugging in. One would need to try it to find out. One thing it won’t sound like is an amp in a room.

The ad copy wickedbeast posted is misleading, I think. :)

so for $400 why wouldn’t you just get the randall iso cab with a full 12" v30 speaker in it? :)

what are some good methods to build your own? I’d like to do this sometime to accommodate bands that wish to not use my Vetta II…

any suggestions on how to reasonably isolate a full 4x12 cabinet?

Hahaha, this same exact post has been on about 349843294732094 different forums.

I realize it’s not a sim, but it’s comparable to a sim in that you can record relatively quietly. Not as quiet as a sim, I’d guess! But thanks for pointing out that this is essentially spam, Jason. I suppose that’s what Tom was getting at.

You’d want to use a very different driver in an iso cab than in a normal speaker cab, I’d think. Similar to the fact that you’d use different drivers when building stereo speaker cabs, depending on whether they’re sealed enclosures or not, though not as extreme a difference.

Yes, I was sort of hinting that it was spam. :)

How to isolate a 4x12 cab? Well, first you build a second house…

My iso box is nothing more than plywood, sound tiles, and a bit of foam - different layers made of different materials to absorb diff freqs. Works pretty well, but then again it’s for small amps. :)

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Looks like Mr “wickedbeast6” is nothing more than a cut-n-paste spammer.

:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

i did copy paste is that not allowed? i just bought one and i know its a fairly new product so i thought ide spread the word…

Quote (TomS @ Feb. 14 2005,13:51)
How to isolate a 4x12 cab? Well, first you build a second house... another COUNTY......

Seriously, I saw ZZTop a couple years ago. The Reverend of Tone - Mr. Billy Gibbons had this big pile of amps on stage. Hmmm....thought sounds too good and too "tight" to be a big pile of amps? Later, I learned that The Rev was running a Randall Iso-box with an SM57 and an AT LD condenser (forget the model#) inside and that was it. Sounded GREAT too.......

Quote (wickedbeast6 @ Feb. 14 2005,14:55)
i did copy paste is that not allowed? i just bought one and i know its a fairly new product so i thought ide spread the word...

Generally it is considered to be rude to join a forum with the sole intention of pushing some product, as you have clearly done.

However, it is quite acceptible to become an active, contributing member of a forum, and then share your experiences with gear, etc... Unless you happen to have a financial stake in whatever it is that you are pushing... Then it goes back to being rude, which is likely the case with you.


ok i understand… and just to let you know i in no way work for them get paid from them for doing this or am really getting anything from this. just trying to help people out cuz i think it is a really cool idea and i think it was done well

No question that it is a good idea, although it’s one that has been around for a while. One problem with the copy is that the actual sounds you would get would depend on the amp and guitar and player - not just the box. Another problem with the copy is that it is not very upfront about what the product is. It’s a box with a speaker and a dynamic mic in it. Done properly a box with a speaker and a mic in it can be just the thing. But it will never sound like an amp in a good room. It will sound like a well designed box with a speaker and a dynamic mic. Which could be a very good thing. So advertise it that way. Talk about the acoustics of the design, what you have done to make it not sound boxy, the characteristics of the mic (57 clone?), the choice of speaker, that sort of thing. If it is well designed you’ll sell some.



haha i uunderstand what u guys are saying i wasnt trying to advertise lol i was just simply telling you guys the thing is cool check it out…

sry guys i didnt understand what spam was i guess i wont do it again