Check out the quiet server I'm building

Antec Performace P160 case


- Pentium PIV 3.0E
- Asus mobo
- 80 GB & 120 GB Seagates Drives
- Zalman 400W quiet power supply

Eat your heart out :laugh:

Server? What OS are you putting on that? Or are you just using a “server” case? Am I mistaken, or does it glow?

I’m putting Windows XP Pro in it. It’s not going to actually be a true server, i.e., running Windows Server 2003, but my client refers to it as a server because it’s going to “serve” data to her.

Hey Midnight,

You have got to be careful putting out (what you believe) is a great computer as an “eat your heart out” quality on an internet forum. A 3ghz P4 computer with 2 small hard drives is very yesterday. I’m building a “home theater” computer that makes that one look silly, and I’m not even using the most recent components available.

On a (basic) starter server type computer, I would consider maybe 2 x 250gig drives in raid 0. Or maybe, if she wants more secure backup, in raid 1.

Anyway, it’s a handsome case. But what is with the floppy drive?



Right - it was mistake calling it a “server”. That’s what my client is calls. And yes it’s a little old but not that old. I always go with the best price point & to me the 3.0 is still at that point.

Mike - I’ve just finished eating my heart out, and I’d like to say tha…

Mike - I've just finished eating my heart out, and I'd like to say tha..............

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Jhonan - don’t do it!!! :laugh:

Quote (MidnightToker @ Sep. 14 2004,17:39)

I would think consumers would be waiting for the P5 to come out before upgrading.
How long is this 64 bit board prossesor thang up gonna take?
I for one can't wait so the prices will plummit on these soon to be obsolete p4's.

Then I will no longer eat my own discontent for I will be sharing a healthy plate of trickle down technology.

BTW- the last person who didn't post in here, left a tale tale trail in the message box. it said, "F-ck you As-holes" I caught the reminance of that message.
LMFAO, somebody's gettin' riled up here!

Maybe a couple of years before the OS & chips are ready (of course AMD is ready now).

My DAW is fast enough to get me through till then.