I just bought this isolation cabinet called axetrak and it’s radd. i use to record with a marshall jcm900 and a SM57 mic but now with this axetrak my rhythms and leads sound awesome… just thought ide spread the word… only downside to this thing is that you cant change the mic, but im happy with the one in there. check it out and tell me what you guys think… axetrak

Hey, didn’t John and the guys chase you outta the other area for spamming earlier?

I don’t care either way, I see your really happy with it, and that’s what matters.
No harm in trying to share I guess.
Truth be known, this isn’t a new idea, and most people around here have either made there own or know how to, so no sale$ bro.

I really don’t see the point of joingin a forum to “contribute” 1 post (in this case 2 but in separate areas) trying to sell a product.
You may not work for them but you are trying to sell it.

As you have joined hte forum solely for this purpose you have no idea whether
a) This is a suitable forum for your post - if you were a member and had been around for a while to read some posts and gauge what the forum was actually about then this would not be an issue

b) Anyone on the forum has already posted the same thing as you - same as above… taking the courtesy to actually become familiar with the forum would address this issue

Simply joining a forum to post something like completely undermines any crdeibility the product may actually have.
Not that it sounds all that special in this particular case anyway…

[edit] Unless you have abused, been abused by or argued with Midnight Toker then no one will give you much credibility here…:)[/edit]


Hey Wicked, how’s it going? :)

Not being able to change the mic is a downside, esp. for folks who are at the point that they realize each sound needs to becrafted from mic, amp, guitar, preamp, room , and processing for each recording. Anyway, you have changed yoru copy, and that’s cool. :D

yes :) i finally feel excepted haha… yea i changed it… but yea i would like the option of changing the mic, but the mic that they have i suppose a SM57 sounds awesome…

It’s listed as a modified dynamic, IIRC. I’m curious what “modified” means. ???

me too!! you should email them and see if they respond haha whatever it is it sounds great… did u listen to the clips?

Look at it this way…wickedbeast6 starts a thread other in the other part of the forum and then, after it seems rather obvious that it’s a veiled attempt at advertising does damage control…all on Feb 14.

Look at the initial post date for this thread. On Feb 15 a new thread is started, saying just about the same thing…same alias, same message though a little less wordy and not quite a cut and paste.

Is no one surprised that the very same person that posted a thread in the other part of the forum and followed it through to a natural finish would start the exact same thread with a link to a business selling these things over here, with absolutely no apparent recollection of doing the same thing one day earlier (or two depending on your time zone)?

This is a new method of spam. At least this isn’t automated, and is posting ads relevant for the target audience, and can converse in a relatively intelligent manner.

The guest books got hit with slightly similar posts a few months ago. Someone would pop in and tell me how much they like the site and that they had added a link to their favorites - on even said they made as their homepage. All left email addresses, all had names that were not typical English names (most looked Slavic, as did the email address domains) and all posted home pages as links to businesses, mostly selling meds or online services (cheap hosts, or web design, etc).

It’s interesting that they just started, continued for a month or so then stopped. Many were almost word for word duplicates with different email address, but pointing to the same user homepage (business).

If wickedbeast6 is legit, is a musician whether or not new/she uses n-Tracks, he’s welcome to post all he likes and to point us to any site he feels like would be something we’d be interesting in. On the surface his initial post looks that way. That product is something many of us might want to try out. On the other hand, to start a new thread over here, the way it was started and by what it said, makes me believe that the posts are nothing more than ads.

That said, I see nothing wrong with a guy saying “I work at this play that makes these things. Considering what I read on the forum y’all might be interested in our products.” It’s the misrepresentation that bothers me.

After all Mike (Mr Soul) sells DAW and mentions it here in a useful context. There is nothing wrong with that. As much political crap as we give him he builds what look like a legitimately good/great machine for DAW work, or any kind of higher level computing, at a price that’s hard to beat. He doesn’t misrepresent his motives. I think that’s totally within the bounds of acceptable behavior (as are his political posts for that matter).

wickedbeast6, care to clarify if I really missed the boat?

The Axetrak is so radd that I’m about to ejaculate.

no it is not an ad i play guitar i dont work for them im not getting paid for this and am not getting ANYTHING from this… i just wanted to let you guys know about this thing cuz its really cool and almost brand new… i found out about it at namm 2005 and decided to get one. after hearing it i think guitarists al around need to hear about it cuz it sounds great. im sorry if any of you took this the wrong way or this is not the right place to talk about it :)

Yes, phoo, that’s pretty much how it strikes me. At least wicked is taking our criticism pretty well. :)

Wicked, the problem with sound clips for a product like this is what I said before - if I plug my epiphone 10 watt practice amp into it, it will sound like I plugged a 10 watt epiphone practice amp into it. If I plug my new/old silvertone salvaged from a 1961 silvertone organ (hey guys it really does almost sound like Big Star! ) then it’ll sound like that. If I plug X amp into it, it will sound like X amp plugged into it. We all know that the speaker, /cabinet/ mic combo matters, but so does the rest of the stuff. So a sound clip is pretty much useless in this case. Some frequency graphs might help, an account of the acoustic design philosophy, that sort of thing would help too, but the only way to test it is to have one and test it.

I have an idea - send one to one of the reviewers at tape op - they are a no nonsense bunch. If they say it’s good, you’ll sell a lot. :)

Or send me one, I’d be happy to review it. :)

haha if i worked for them i would :)