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Software or other help to identify

I have some chords I am playing on the piano, but I don’t know what chords they are technically. I know the bass(base) note, but I don’t know the other stuff. It has inversions, etc. Anyone know of software that I can play the chords on my piano and the software will tell you what chord it is? Like chord recognition in auto-accompaniment software, without the auto accompaniment? or is anyone versitile enough to tell me what they are if I post them?




That’s excellent software. Thanks

Cool link. Thanks


Thanks from me too.

No prob fellers. I am trying to learn keys myself. Any kind of cheat is helpful.


If you don’t mind I’d like to add on to this request… is there any software (plugin preferably) that can actually determine chords from already-mixed recordings? I know that pitch-correction plugins (e.g. Antares Auto-Tune) can tell single pitches from relatively simply waves, but is there anything more advanced like this?

For determinining chords from already mixed recordings, you could download and try the demo at If it works for you, you could then register the software. I haven’t tried this program, so I can’t comment on its effectiveness. Polyphonic note recognition is very difficult for software, so I would be surprised if it is very accurate, but it costs nothing to try it.

vivona, I fixed your link…

Software is great but I think most of us would agree that there is no substitute for becoming an educated musician. (Plus the fact that we’re already familiar with the interface to the human brain. Well, most of us anyway.)

Musician Chris Juergensen has some great tutorials dealing with complex chords on his website (go to “Lessons” => “Harmony”). He gives both staff notation and guitar tab and I REALLY like the simple and clear explanations. You’ll be forming G13#11/B before you know it!

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PS: From the website:

No more expensive songbooks or hours and hours of trying to puzzle out a song.

Isn’t that how we learn to be musicians?

I agree mrtoad. I have been watching a DVD tutorial by Paul Baloche. He is presenting chord theory and harmony in easy to grasp methods as well. Things start to make more sense when someone teaches in a very basic format and assumes the student knows nothing! :p Which in my case was not entirely true but hey, we can all learn a few new things…