Christianity Vs.

Hinduism? Erm.

I dont really know why im posting this, i dont think anyone else will care…
But i just wanted to share this well thought out and constructive argument for christianity Vs. Hinduism.
Dont bother reading the whole thing, just scroll down to the definitive ‘conclusion’.

Obviously the writer has an agenda (being on, but it shouldnt be labelled as a lesson.
Things like this are just like a net swallowing up all the people that arent prepared to think for themselves and subconsciously need some evidence (anything) to supposedly support their pre-established beliefs.

Im not against Christianity or any religion or thought…im just against ignorance and small-mindedness.

Bible Study Lessons - Christianity VS. Hinduism

Mr David

Hi, Mr. David.

Erm… what would you expect out of a fundamentalist Christian take on this subject? Why do you find this unusual enough to make an example of it?

I would expect the same sort of thing out of a Suni Muslim writer comparing Islam to Christianity. There will of course be a definitive conclusion. Ask Mike here to do a similar comparison of Democrats versus any other political viewpoint - the rest of the entire world is discredited, of course, and anybody who dares argue the point is just plain wrong.

Religion is, well… religion.

I dont find it unusual, i find it all too familiar.
This one just takes the biscuit.

I just dont think people should allow themselves to be ‘taught’ in this way…i know many people that would take quotes from sites like this as proof of the validity of christianity and close their mind to alternative suggestions.

Everyone subscribes to some idea, doctrine or religion, the amount of thought that goes into that decision is irrelevant, everyones reality is different and your truth is not necesarily the same as everyone else’s.

I agree with some of what you’ve said, but what else would you expect from a christian website?
It’s their outreach tool, the deeper thinkers of the world arent going to be persuaded by a website anyway, it is there purely to appeal to those that want to believe it.


What about Pat Robinson saying Islam is a religion professing violence. What a nut case Robinson is (it’s guys like him that scare me) :angry:

Check out this article on Christian Zionists when you can - Mixing prophecy and politics. These guys scare me too!

Robertson, Pat Robertson. :D

Ahhh whatever (just like Bush would say).

or the good old stand by BLAHBLAHBLAH

Well, we can’t have folks writing angry letters to the wrong guy…

or the good old stand by BLAHBLAHBLAH
Love ya, Jerry!

back at ya charlie

Warning Warning Will Robertson!!!

Thanks, Ali, I was about to post something to the effect that the account of Hinduism is very shallow, and it’s a sad fact that the folks who will read that piece will think it is accurate and complete.

I really think we ought to mandate religious studies at least at the secondary (“high school”) level.

Along with (multi-cultural) philosophy, and logic, of course.

Some people can make ignorance look like genius. dangerous…