Christmas Cover Song

Hey everyone… it’s been awhile…

so some of you know that I am in a full time touring band. i havent been able to post much of my recordings lately… mostly because i haven’t had time to record… :)

well a few months ago we got offered a last minute spot on a Christmas compilation being put out by Nettwerk. we had less than a week to do it and we were on the road. so i had my computer shipped to me and we tracked it in our hotel room one night and then i mixed it the next day at a show (while the band before us was playing).
there are some issues i have with it… but for doing it in such a rush i think it came out pretty good.
unfortunately Nettwerk won’t let us put it anywhere to download… but you can stream it at:

Do You Hear What I Hear?

let me know your thoughts! i should be visiting here more frequently in the next few months…

Bryan aka the Geek

Sounds great to me, especially for a “rush” job :D Did you track this in N-track? Too bad the streaming format quality isn’t so great, but the quality of the mixing/mastering comes through. Sounds radio-ready. Nice work!


Your music is great! Love everything about your sound.

Excellent, really enjoyed the song, vocals are great.Very pro production.


I agree. Everything about this song is great. What effect do you have on the vocals? Just curious.