Christmas stuff

I just finished up a Christmas record and here are a few cuts from it. This is the same stuff I posted at AudioMinds, so don’t waste your time downloading it again if you heard it over there. Enjoy.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Cantique de Noël
The First Noël A big thanks to Marce for the piano on this one!
What Child is This?

Some of the arrangements are based on some old choral arrangements and other pieces and parts, so I can’t take full credit for all the arrangements. Hopefully folks can enjoy these. I am not really looking for critiques, but to share. However, if you have ideas to make stuff sound better, let me hear it. It won’t get changed but it is always good to have honest feedback. My mother always lies to me. :)

Sounds nice. Man - that strong baritone/tenor voice just doesn’t fit my image of a Bubba… (and there’s no squeeze-box) :laugh:

That ain’t me. It is Kristi and one of her voice students. I sound like a bad Kenny Loggins impersonator. Though I did think about a dozen angles with which to include an accordion. I almost did in one tune, but the tune got axed.

Well - you didn’t say that in your original post did you? I’m not a mind reader ya’ know.

Very, very nice, especially the vocals. I have posted several Christmas songs and I am glad I have my day job :D

Thanks for posting.


I have posted several Christmas songs and I am glad I have my day job

Is making music that bad? :)

Just from listening to the songs posted on this Forum, there are a lot of good musicians recording music. I like making music for fun but I would not want to have to make a living at it. The competition is too tough. :;):