Christmas Tree 2006

how to build a tree

Here’s something else I forgot to sent to y’all.

BTW: Those are real antique sleigh bells.

That’s a great video file, phoo…

I’m hoping I’ve been a good boy… and he leaves me a link to download that Drumulator utility…

I still wouldn’t trade my snowblower for it, though… :O ??? :laugh:



Thanks Phoo!

Santa will be getting those reindeer hitched up pretty soon now :p


That was great, phoo. :D

Very professional-looking clip and well, just charming.

Thanks Phoo.

Very cool phoo!

And a great big Merry Christmas to you too. May God bless you and yours in the New Year!


Hi n-Trackers:
This appears to be the thread to post a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the n-Track Board posters including Flavio and everyone who uses n-Track.

Another year has come-and-gone… Just like that…

Lets hope we all re-appear in the New Year with similar attitudes and new-found energy and ideas toward our music/creativity…


Good on ya’ Bill!

Merry Christmas and God Bless my “Great White North” friend! :)


Thank You Diogenes and the same to You… :;): :)

Merry Christmas to you Christians, happy Solstice and Merry Yule to the Pagans, belated happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year, belated happy Chinese Feast of Winter Solstice, and happy/merry/joyous/blessed:

Yule/Winter Solstice
Humbug Day
Pongol of the Cows (Hindu)

National Date-Nut Bread Day (USA)

Night of the Radishes (Mexico)
National Pfeffernüsse Day

National Eggnog Day 25

Kwanzaa, African-American
Boxing Day
Day of the Wren (Ireland)
National Candy Cane Day

Kwanzaa, African-American
National Fruitcake Day

Kwanzaa, African-American
Cross Day (Ireland)
Inocentes (Mexican April Fool’s Day)

Kwanzaa, African-American
St. Tropez’s Day (patron of children; against gout)

Kwanzaa, African-American
National Bicarbonate of Soda Day

Kwanzaa, African-American
Rizal Day (Philippines)
Hogmanay Day (Scotland)
National Champagne Day

Did that just fall outta your head? or… do you have a book that lists all the Hollidays?

I was gonna say something else… but sorry guys… I ain’t… I can’t afford all them days off… Anyway… Unlesss you can all chip-in and get me the to that Drumulator… :O ??? :laugh:

Bill… :p

That was great Phoo.

Happy Christmas to you all, and Happy night of the radishes (really? ???) to all mexicans and Tom. :D

Well, fair warning if you click on the next link - lots of seductive shots of vegetables and anti-meat “propaganda”, in a video celebrating Orgasm day (which was yesterday in some areas, but falls on other days in other coutries and towns), but I thought I leave that off the list):


Hogmanay Day (Scotland)

Quote (Guest @ Dec. 22 2006,19:01)
Hogmanay Day (Scotland)



Hogmanay comes from the Gaelic, Og-Mhadainn h’ og maidne, which means “new morning”.

It’s also called Ne’erday, an abreviation of New Years Day.

Say it how you want, it still means the 1st of January.

True, celebrations start on the evening of the 31st Dec, but that’s just an excuse to get tanked up beforehand. :D

But it’s after midnight that the celebrations really start, first footing, etc.

31st Dec is not a public holiday, it’s just an ordinary working day. It’s during the 1st Jan that people visit friends and relatives etc, to get tanked up again.

If you go calling 31st Dec Hogmanay day, then that means that the 30th Dec is Hogmanay Eve, so, are we supposed to start celebrating then? (Mind you, that’s not a bad idea! :D)

I’ve just checked up, and I have found references to 31st Dec being “Hogmanay Day”, which just goes to prove you can find any old bollocks you want on the Internet.

However, here is the link to the Scottish Executive which gives all legally recognised special days in Scotland.

Scottish Executive

As you’ll note, no mention of 31st Dec.

And I’ve never heard anyone in Scotland refer to 31st Dec as Hogmanay Day. It’s always called New Year’s Eve.

Although Hogmanay strictly refers to the morning of 1st Jan, it’s generally used to refer to the whole period of celebration.

And that period of celebration often starts on the evening of 31st Dec, but as 1st Jan and 2nd Jan are public holidays, it often continues for a fair wee while.

So, as there is no such thing as an official “Hogmanay Day” I suppose anyone can define it as they choose! :cool:

Well, there you go, like you said, any old bollocks you want! In any case, given your description I certainly approve of the holiday. :)

Much better than Early May Tuesday Afternoon Bank Holiday or whatever those were. I mean, you guys really know how to party! Spring Bank Holiday! Summer Bank Holiday! Etc. Bank Holiday! Wonder what the marketing for those look like! Bet the malls are filled to the brim!


Quote (TomS @ Dec. 22 2006,17:28)
Well, fair warning if you click on the next link - lots of seductive shots of vegetables and anti-meat "propaganda", in a video celebrating Orgasm day (which was yesterday in some areas, but falls on other days in other coutries and towns), but I thought I leave that off the list):

And an incredible amount of misinformation - previously verified film clips of chickens suffering from a known fatal malady are presented as clips of birds suffering as a result of their living conditions. "...too fat to reach food, they starve to death..." - it just isn't true.

Believe me, I'm no fan of the corporate practices that go into production of our meat supply. But NEVER trust anything PETA has to say on ANY subject. PETA believes that their own ends justify any means. If TRUTH was an animal, PETA would protest its own treatment of it.