cirkus live at the brewery

sneak sample (first mix attempt)…dog.wma

This is a couple of AC/DC songs cirkus did on May 8th in Raleigh, NC. It was the lead vocalist's 60th birthday and his grandson was sitting in on guitar for a few songs (first lead in these two).

Vocal: Steve Quinney
Guitar: Sean Carmichael
Bass: Randy Lee
Drums: Kelly Craven

Guest Guitar: Jeffery

The first time Jeffery got up on stage with us was in 2003 when he was 13. Steve was grinning ear to ear both times….so was Jeffery….we all were….we were all young whippersnappers for a few minutes there.

What a way to spend vacation.

Much more on way.

(I didn’t put this in the music part of the forum because it will eventually be much more than a few song sampled. The audio was recorded on ADAT, but it has been dumped to n-track and is being mixed to 5.1 there for video)

:agree: :agree:

Phoo and gang RAWK!

Dude does a really good Bon Scott...


Great stuff phoomeister!

Yes, Rockin Guitars.

Great stuff. Love the guitars and you really got that driving AC/DC drumbeat down to a tee. :agree: :agree:


Really hate I missed it phoo!

Hi phoo:
The link appears broken over here. sigh… I would have been nice if it opened and listen at your stage… You’ll post more and photos and all… to this thread I hope…


Try right clicking and save-as. The link should be good. Might be a DNS issue between you and the server.

Thanks folks!

Yep, much more on the way. Been working (day job) and working (mixing) and working (daddy duty). It’s a weekend. Maybe I can get some work done…which work is still up in the air.

The Brewery is pretty dark. We don’t have many good pictures from in there. We had the same problem last time. I bought a special flashlight just so I could have it on stage with me this time.…dog.wma

This is a copy-and-paste of the address this was in the browser

I did a control key and click…
and about everything I can think of as a workaround to get it to open…
I’ll find a way… I hope…


both work in firefox - click and save.

Good stuff, Phoo. A vacation well spent for sure. :agree:

I got it to save…
9:13 long…

It’s playing… :agree:

Big sound…


dem geeetarz be like hebbbby.

me likey.
a lot.

“how 'bout that $#!+ right there?”

I have said it b4 and i’ll say it again Mr Phoo…YOU ROCK! xx