?*CKY vocal tricks*?

particularly on I.D.R.

Hi, first post, so let me say Hello to everyone!! I love N-track, it’s a great thing! Ok, heres my question, and I tried to do a search and skimmed through the topics for a few pages so dont kill me if this has been posted before a million times. I am curious to hear anyones thoughts about the various VOCAL, not guitar, “sounds” on the C.K.Y. cd “Infiltrate, Destroy, Rebuild.”, Especially tracks like Escape from Hellview, Sink into the underground, and Plastic Plan. Obviously, they are layered and are filtered and heavily messed with. I am running n-track, and have a variety of plug ins, but my faves that I use most are the Waves diamond bundle. Any cool ideas on how to get some of these sounds? Just curious to hear someone elses take on it. Thanks and Cheers!!! :)

Um, who or what is CKY? Sorry.

Glad it’s not just me :)

I thought it must be some US centric thing that I didn’t get…

When I first read the subject I thought question mark and asterix at the beginning were because it was a swear word. then I read the actual mesage body…

"#%CKY vocal tricks" intrigued me…

I assume because Stills and Nash weren’t available that it’s

Crosby, King and Young

Carole King standing in :p


Hey, the producer, the drummer’s brother, was in Jackass! :)

There are some sound clips here:


I hear a number of different techniques being used in each song - e.g., dry in one spot, doubled in another, deep tempo delay in another. On “Flesh into gear” the vocal is treated part of the time with chorus set to a wide setting for a doubling effect, e.g. On all of the tracks there is a lot of compression, and (here I’m on limb) I’d bet the preamps are Neve or the like, that is, transformer based solid state, for the songs I listened to. Oh, it also helps to have a voice like that. :)

You’d need to dissect each song, there is no single technique being used. Very creative.

Waves and n-Track. Sort of opposite ends of the price spectrum there, eh?

Cool!! thanks for your replys!! Sorry, I should have clarified better who they were or posted some clips. Yeah, I just recently got into this band thanks to my younger nephew. I thought their use of effects was very creative and fresh also!! Thats why I dig it. Hmmm, deep tempo delay, whats that? I’m kind of a learn as you go, teacjh yourself kind of guy. I’ll post some of my recordings so far in the other forum when I get a chance. Yeah, I can tell they are doubled or triple tracked definitely in some places. Its the stuff like wide spread chorus? that I dont understand. I have experimented with multi tracking vocals and reverbs and Ive tried cloning tracks and using a delay on one and putting the cents off a little on one for a slight detuning effect, but not with results like that, Mind you Im not looking to replicate the vocal sound exactly at all, I just have never heard anything like it before and thought it was very very cool and fun to listen to! So any thoughts or more info from you guys who are in the know would be awesome. What plugs in waves could I experiment with to get that thick dreamy surreal sound? and yes, n-track and diamond bundle are quite a difference in the $$ spectrum!! It pays to have good friends who work at expensive studios!! ha ha, but yeah any more input would be hella cool!! Thankls again!! Cheers!

Thing is, who ever was recording and mixing the stuff I listened to really knows a lot about messing with vocals. Sounds to me like they did a lot just with compression and EQ to make different sections stand out, aside from delay based effects. What you are asking about takes years of study and experimentation to get down. I’m certainly no good at it.

Anyway, the waves stuff all comes with presets that should get you started. Look at the vocal widener on the delay plug ins, check out vocal settings on the chorus, and on the compressor. But really you’ll need to study each song to get ideas for particulars…