click plug-in

anyone recommend one?

ntracks click seems limited since you can’t route the audio to a track (or at least i can’t find a way). I need to be able to record the click then mute it / eq it at certain parts of the song.

any ideas guys.

Don’t know about a plugin, but I have a couple of clicktracks recorded from midi files ready.
10 minutes of 60, 80, 100 and so on.

Every time I need one that I don’t have I record a new one.

Not helping you much I suppose, but that’s the way I do it…


are you recording from the ntrack click?

that would be a good solution.

I don’t use the N-track click (it is a little too eratic on my system)

So what I end up doing is creating a very simple midifile (by copy and pasting) and then convert it to wave.
Btw I also like to have different click sounds for the metronome (shaker and cowbell). It’s easier for me to hear it above the drums and other instruments.

Like I said, it’s probably not the most elegant solution, but after trying all sorts of things I decided it’s better for me to ‘waste’ a little time creating this click track than to work myself up trying to get the internal metronome to do what I want it to…

my .02


The solution that post Wihan is good, the problem is if you are using not constant tempo (accelerandos, ritardandos, that are gradual tempo changes). In that case you can prepare a MIDI track with a click for import when needed. Then you import it (and choose NO when n offer you to use it tempo map) and output or render it trough SFZ or similar.


I dont want to make things complex, if you dont know much about midi, forget about my answer, it can be a problem. If you are using constant bpm use wihan advise. But if you know something about midi, sfz is a VSTi that can load and play soundfonts.

Marce luves midi, I dont understand that.
I use a drum sequence program called “Leaf Drums” to write a wav file that is my metronome. I created simple (snare) drum sequences for 80,100,120 …bpm and more, that was all I needed. I create a simple measure, put it into N-track, then copy (Ctrl-Alt-V) paste as long a measure as I think I might need.

That is all you need for the basic beat! this is a free program, fun to use.


Yip Marce- Lucky for me my tempos doesn’t change as I go along (and my idea of a great song sometimes only have 4 chords in it) :D

Chiller’s idea is indeed a very good one. I forgot about that. Chiller, it does have the abillity to write directly to wav ?
If that’s the case it’s even better. You don’t have to worry about creating a midi file and then converting it to wave.

If you have a need for tempo changes and you want to know more about sfz (as per Marce’s (always) excellent advice) or any other midi/soundfont question just get your questions organised and fire away. There’s enough of us here that’s been working with midi and soundfonts to try and be of help.