clicks, what's wrong

im using ntracks for some time. not much problems before. upgraded my audio interface (from usb edirol to rme fireface) and reinstalled windows. since then clicks when recording. first thought it was new interface.

i record 24 bit 44,1 or 88,2 hz, with asio. on windows xp pro sp1. 4.1.5 version of ntracks 2040 build.
dell dimension 4600, pentium 4 with 2,50 Gb of ram.
tweaked the system for music etc.

today i downloaded the demoversion of saw studio basics. used the same buffersize (128 samples) and stuff. and it was click free also on 88,2 Hz.

i like to keep recording with ntrack. anybody else has those problems. or am i overlooking something.

well, move up the buffer to a higher level. I know the rme is supposed to be capable of really low buffering, but frankly, I’m rarely ever at 256 let alone 128. I find 512 is the lowest i can safely get most of the time. (that’s using the LIVE feature fairly frequently though.)

why did you reinstall windows? is it possible you changed something important in the process?

yes of course. higher buffers i did that. forgot to mention that. :)
but for some multytracking i had to go to 1024 for 24 bit 44.1 Hz. 88.2 hz was out of the question.
i did a reinstall because i wanted to run the fireface over 800 firewire ( i use it with a firewire hd together, but not to record on), and since sp2 fucks up the firewire 800, i wanted an install for recording with sp1 only. besides that, i recorded with the edirol using wdm (no asio) and now with the fireface i use asio. so yes, a lot of things changed and i blamed them all.
so my frustration came today after somebody adviced me to try other software to see if it gave the same things, on the rme newsgroup somebody was saying somthing positive about sawstudio basics, so i downloaded the trail version. and at 128 samples buffer 88.2 Hz it was without problems.

dont get me wrong. im not here to kick ntracks. i love ntracks and like the simple interface etc. and i want to keep on using it, instead of buying a 300$ programm that i have to get used to. and that does not have this type 0 to get the next track recording started, space to end it 0 for the next track. and i can leave my guitar on my shoulder without worries, or mouse manoevres. so i can stay foccused onb the music.

hmm, odd. isn’t there a way around the firewire issue on sp2? I thought there was a fix for it. I forgot it existed actually. I’m thinking of going firewire soon, so I should probably consider that. can’t tell ya’ what’s wrong with n-track though. maybe the two just don’t get along together. try talking to flavio and see if there’s something he can do about it. don’t get too hopeful though, I’ve had some problem with my echo layla that we’ve never been able to figure out.

the firewire isue is only with firewire 800. firewire 400 gives no problems with sp2. there is a fix on microsofts site and some products found a way around it, like the lacie firewire harddisks.

to use sp1 only is becuase the workaround restores it half. wich could be good enough for me. but with all the other crap sp2 puts on the machine it is not worth the upgrade when there is no security risk (machine not connected to internet) a practice done ofter by people doing video editing or audio with firewire.

Hi, There’s a very recent new driver for the fireface from RME 14-2-2006 might be worth a try.


thanks. i use the new drivers.

i just think i see the differences between two programms, and i expected to much of n-tracks in this case. guess ill be using both in the future. cause ntracks will be still a nice practice tool or handy for recording the duo stuff ill play.

im seeing an other strange thing though.
recorded 5 stereo tracks. but they dont end at the same time. when all five are there the cpu is at about 9 %. when the first track ends it jumps to 20, and when there is only one left it is at 60 % and the sound on that track clicks as crazy.

did not have that behaviour with my previous install and soundcard. would it be the card, or would it be the asio drivers.

im tired of testing, and things i dont understand. back to music again.