Clipped audio recovery


I seem to remember a free plugin that helps to recover tracks that have some clipping. I just can’t remember what it is called…

Anyone know?



Terry West’s ReLife

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Mar. 03 2011, 4:54 AM)

Terry West's ReLife

THANK YOU. That's the one.

Now why couldn't I remember that?

Does it work Poppa?

Quote: (Willy Eckerslike @ Mar. 03 2011, 7:55 AM)

Does it work Poppa?

Had a quick play. The answer is "kinda". It's not going to work miracles but it does clean up a bit.

It's my own fault. I did a multi-track (14 inputs) of our student concert last night and between setting up, running the PA, playing in a couple of songs, being a stage-hand and talking to parents I didn't watch the levels on my recording closely enough and ended up with some clipped guitar tracks.

Thank You Poppa Willis:

That’s quite a fascinating bundle of Plugs…
How long has his stuff been available????


Kinda is right - I’ve been using Terry West’s stuff for years - dunno how long they been available - always great for freesies…

His wife is a wicked witch I hear…


Quote: (Unblown_Jonson @ Mar. 03 2011, 10:45 AM)

His wife is a wicked witch I hear...



It certainly is not free, but I have used Sound Forge successfully. The plug-ins in version 8 are about the same ( Isotope and some others added in 9 and 10) but if you don’t need the new stuff, you might find a bargain. Once you buy the software the upgrades are cheaper too.