Clone Question

Want to Unlock

This is probably a simple one, I searched the doc and the forum, but can’t figure it out.
When I Clone a track or part of one (or copy and paste), when I move the new track left/right, the original one also moves.
Like they are locked together.
How do I prevent them from being locked, so I can do something to the Clone without changing the original?

Ungroup Parts (right click the track - it may be a menu item - if not then they aren’t grouped), then make sure they aren’t both selected by clicking away from them some neither are highlighted.

Thanks Phoo but that isn’t it.
I also see now that when I Clone or copyNpaste, the track properties for both the Parent and the Cloned track are the exact same wav file.
Must be some global setting that I have incorrect, or could it be my editing mode (set to nondestructive)?
I am at 6.0.4.

There are options when you open the clone track window - envelopes etc, but oddly once again I just tried it 3-4 times and was able to move each clone independently with no problem. Are you cloning to new track?

An inadvertent shift+click will group tracks and un-group will not show up in the right click track menu. Simply click on any other track to clear that. Other than that bit of knowledge, Seems to be ok here.

Thanks Phoo and Poppa, you were both on to it.
It wasn’t exactly that they were grouped.
It is that when you clone a track, both the parent and the clone are automatically selected.
If you click on the wave track of either parent or clone it does not deselect both and select just the one you clicked on.
They both stay clicked on.
You have to either use the menu items (Edit, Selection, Clear Selection), or click on one of the tracks control windows.
And it seems that clone does not create an actual new wave file, it just points two tracks at the same wav file

i had this problem too.
not in v4, but in 6.0.4.
but it’s an easy fix:

right-click on the original of the part/track you don’t want to have move to highlight it and bring up the separate track menu.
about a third of the way down, there’s an option to “lock part offset and size.”
do that.
then an anchor icon will appear, indicating that it’s locked.
now copy/pasted, cloned parts are free to move while the original stays in place.

you can unclick this option in the menu, to free it back up.